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This is my lil' workshop on the web. I created it to let my friends and family know what's going on with me. It quickly became a place for me to rant about my feelings and publicly humiliate myself - not that I needed yet another medium. Generally, I just share whatever is on my mind (stories, photos, etc.) Read the full about me.

Goodbye For Now, Sony Music

As many have already heard, this Friday will be my last day at Sony Music. Following an amazing 9 year run at Sony Music, I’ve decided to pack up the family and run away with the circus. Believe it or not, I am only partially kidding! I’ve accepted a position as head of digital for a live events company called Feld Entertainment. Based in Sarasota, FL, Feld Entertainment is the parent company of Monster Jam, Super Cross, Arena Cross, Nuclear Cowboys, Ringling Bros Circus, Disney on Ice and several other family entertainment brands.

Growing up in rural NC, I never imagined living in NYC and having the opportunity to work with such an amazing roster of artists. In fact, when I moved to NY, more kids lived in my NYU dorm than in my entire town in NC. More importantly, I never dreamed of being a part of an organization with such dedicated and talented individuals. I have been fortunate to have been guided by incredible leaders, who challenged me to up my game and bring new ideas. I’ve also been fortune to lead an exceptional team of innovators, entrepreneurs and subject matter experts. Every single day was a humbling and inspirational experience as the entire team challenged the status quo, found new ways to engage consumers and progress the business.

Most importantly, I’ve made incredible friends. You could see it last year when during a company outing, I lost my wedding ring. More than 70 people spent an hour on their hands and knees helping me look for it. (And yes, we found it!)

I’ve included below my updated contact info below. Please stay in touch. I will miss you all.

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Sam Gomez
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Billy Joel’s YouTube channel

I’m incredibly proud of some of the stuff that we’ve been doing with Billy Joel’s YouTube channel. If you are a fan, I’d love to know what you think.

Norma’s Graduation

Ma Sue and Sheila’s Visit

Jocelyn’s 1st Month

Jacob and Jocelyn

I wondered how Jacob would react when we brought Jocelyn home. For the past 2.5 years, he’s been an only child. Jacob’s one of the smartest, well-behaved kids I’ve ever known. [Yes, of course, I am biased.] That said, he doesn’t really know how to share just yet. He doesn’t even like sharing his trains – I figured mom and dad were on a completely different level.

So when we took Jacob to see Jocelyn in the hospital, Jocelyn gave him a brand new train track. We told him that she was super excited that he was her big brother. He looked at her, smiled, and immediately went to play with the new track. He now refers to it as the “neat track” that Jocelyn got him.

Then when we brought Jocelyn home, Jacob and I went to the store so that he could pick out a gift for her. Heidi and I figured since Jocelyn had picked out something that she thought he would like, it would be a good idea for Jacob to pick out something that he thought she might like. At the store, Jacob thought about it for a few minutes and then picked out a set of green pacifiers like he used to have when he was a baby. (I was afraid he might try and pick out a Thomas and Friends coloring book.)

The rest is history.

He knows her name, but generally refers to her as “that baby.” If she’s asleep in the crib, he says things like “Where that baby at?” and “Get that baby out.” If she cries for whatever reason, he quickly runs over with one of the [green] pacifiers to try and calm her.

She reacts about the same way with him. No matter how rowdy he gets, it doesn’t seem to phase her. In fact, she seems to calm anytime she can hear that he’s around.

Jocelyn’s First Week

Jocelyn Elizabeth Gomez




This morning Heidi and I welcomed Jocelyn Elizabeth Gomez. Born at 8:12 am and weighing in at 8 lbs and 11 oz, she looks just like her big brother Jacob. Mama and baby are doing great. Dad is a mess.

(More photos forthcoming)

Long Island Train Museum

Jessica and AJ’s Wedding