About Sam Gomez

This is my lil' workshop on the web. I created it to let my friends and family know what's going on with me. It quickly became a place for me to rant about my feelings and publicly humiliate myself - not that I needed yet another medium. Generally, I just share whatever is on my mind (stories, photos, etc.) Read the full about me.

Still Sick

Went to the dr yesterday. Ran throat culture, but said it wouldn’t be back til next week so he went ahead and put me on antibiotics. They did not ask for an ID when I filled the prescription. Still feel like crud. I don’t think it could be any prettier outside right now.

BTW, VH1 […]

Wake Me When December Ends

I hate getting behind on my blogging. I never know where to start. Most of the time I’ve written lots of material in my head, but it never seems quite as amusing when begin to type. This then makes me wonder if I am actually that crazy guy that you see on the subway – […]