About Sam Gomez

This is my lil' workshop on the web. I created it to let my friends and family know what's going on with me. It quickly became a place for me to rant about my feelings and publicly humiliate myself - not that I needed yet another medium. Generally, I just share whatever is on my mind (stories, photos, etc.) Read the full about me.

Google Reader

Google Reader isn’t really that new of an obsession for me, but I don’t recall writing anything about it. And since I am such a big fan, I figured I should at least mention it.

I was pretty late to the game with RSS and RSS Readers. I knew what they were and how they […]

WordPress Plugins

I’ve researched and installed a ton of WordPress plugins recently. These plugins are used to extend WordPress’s capabilities. Using WordPress plugins, I’ve added search engine optimization, automatic similar posts functionality, links to social bookmarking sites, intelligent SEO Ajax-powered Google Search to 404 pages, etc. I now even have a mobile version of the site. Be […]

Velcro Strips

I’ve read the Lifehacker blog for some time now. (They give tips and downloads for getting things done.) I also recently read their new book, Upgrade Your Life: The Lifehacker Guide to Working Smarter, Faster, Better. The book is a hard copy some of their better articles. After reading one article, Cheap and Easy Velcro […]

New Category: New Obsessions

Now that the blog is back up and running, I decided to create a new New Obsessions category. The category is intended to share whatever I am using/consuming/geeking-out on at any given point in time.

I Am Obsessed with RSS and Widgets

The Legacy blogs are really coming along. I am going to embed a widget here on GEAS.com The widget will suck in a RSS feed and show anything that I post on

Get this widget! […]

Rahzel on YouTube

I am becoming more obsessed with YouTube.com. Check out this clip of Rahzel.

Don’t Try To Be Funny

This morning, I finally decided to reply to Robin’s post on attached ear lobes. Thought I’d be funny and write about my tied-tongue. After doing a little Internet research, I now have a complex.

Ralph Eng Revealed

For months, I struggled to figure out who Ralph Eng was. He’d left messages on my site several times. At first, I felt kinda guilty. Some of his responses/comments were pretty personal. I couldn’t believe that I’d apparently shared such personal details with someone who I couldn’t even remember his face. A time or two, […]

In Case You Hate My Site Now

I read this in Wired magazine. After not posting for what seems like a few years, I thought you might find it of interest.

“A friend of mine is on my blog roll, but his blog has become really lame. How do I remove him from my list with pissing him off?”

Very, very […]

TWU Strike

The Transit Workers Union went on strike this morning. From what I understand, they completed their subway routes before they returned the trains to the depot. What I don’t understand is this: So, how’d they get home after that?

I am working from home today cause there’s really no way for me to get to […]