About Sam Gomez

This is my lil' workshop on the web. I created it to let my friends and family know what's going on with me. It quickly became a place for me to rant about my feelings and publicly humiliate myself - not that I needed yet another medium. Generally, I just share whatever is on my mind (stories, photos, etc.) Read the full about me.

The Wedding

The wedding was fantastic! I spent most of the day entertaining my mom, Heidi’s grandmother and Heidi’s aunt. We drove around Daufuskie Island on our golf cart. (Cars are not allowed on most parts of the island.)

The weather cleared up nicely so we were able to have the ceremony in front of the lighthouse […]

Life Update: Residence

Man, the last month or so has been a blur. We’ve been dealing with all the various wedding details. Who would have thought that there were that many different shades of green? Actually, I am being overly dramatic. Heidi’s dealt with most of the details. I’ve just provided input where needed.

It is hard to […]