About Sam Gomez

This is my lil' workshop on the web. I created it to let my friends and family know what's going on with me. It quickly became a place for me to rant about my feelings and publicly humiliate myself - not that I needed yet another medium. Generally, I just share whatever is on my mind (stories, photos, etc.) Read the full about me.

Robin’s Halloween Party

Last night was Robin’s Halloween party. Since I’ve been so crazy lately, I didn’t even get to pull together a new costume. Actually, I think I am just in denial or something. I am depressed because I am going to miss the NYC Halloween parade in NYC. Heidi and I recylced Fred and Wilma from […]

Halloween Is Coming

Halloween is my favorite holiday here in New York. Actually, I’ve loved Halloween every since I can remember. When I was a kid, I loved going Trick or Treating. When I was in middle school and junior high, I loved going to the school’s Halloween Carnival (later called the Fall Festival.) When I was […]

Why Are Her Ideas Always Better?

Yeah, so Robin got her Halloween photos up earlier than mine. By the looks of it, her party may have been a little more exciting than our’s. Check out lesterhead.com – Halloween at Iggy’s